Stifled Spirit

by Moor Hound

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released 29 January 2013

Recorded by Anthony ‘Tone’ Price at Grim Face Studios in Venice, FL in the winter and spring of 2012. Additional recording done at home.

Mixed and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink

Drums and Percussion - Zachary Anderson
Backup Vocals - Cindy Blackburn
Organ/Keys - Kurt Friedrich
Additional Percussion - Anthony Price

All songs written by Steve Marino © 2013 Moor Hound

Design and layout by Thomas Nyström
Cover photo taken on a walk through the woods in Madison, AL with Ed and his dog, Roxy.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Holiday
I will run with whatever you give me
Let’s start something I can see
You can be who I need you to be

I will rush in
I will give reason a holiday
Chances are not earned
Chances are discovered

You hold the day in your hands
To improve or to trial
And it seems that I can never get it right
Just give me a reason to smile

Your words are a story
To brood over prophetically
Enjoy aesthetically
To hope in pathetically

You hold the day in your hands
To improve or to trial
And it seems that I will never get it right
Just give me a reason to try
Track Name: You're Still Around
If I didn’t need something only you could offer
You’d be gone from my tongue and mind
I wouldn’t even bother with the hope delusion

The game has changed for me baby
I don’t want to see you
‘Til I’ve made it into your heart
‘Til I’ve made it through this hope disease

‘Cause if I wanted to feel like hell
I’d put my heart back up from where it fell
And remind myself you’re still around
Track Name: Michigan
It seems that I’m always just passing through
This time I think I need something from you

Give up the wonder that you hold
‘Cause just singing about it is getting old
Let’s meet before that heat in our bodies turns cold
‘Cause I’m no man until this ticket’s sold

States away
Those 1,200 miles of interstate
My will at bay
The distance keeps me from what I would say

Give up any lovin’ that you have
And I’ll give you twice the lovin’ right back
The freedom that you bring
When our bones are rattlin’
‘Cause I’m no man until I’ve made you sing

It seems that I’m always just passing through
Looks like I won’t be seeing much more of you
Track Name: Burrow
I’ll give up my freedom
And all the things to which I aspire
I’ll take down all of my lofty goals
I will throw them into the fire

I am weak, I am tired
The fight once within is gone
Now the only thing I wait for
Is for desire to pass on
Just like me

Thoughts of you will burrow holes
Into my mind, into my walls
A bitter seed will be sown
And flourish until it consumes it all
All of me
Track Name: You And Rea
Pick me up
Even if it’s just for a while
Breathe in me
Just enough to keep me alive
Your mouth speaks more power
Than any old god of mine
Shine the dim
To reflect your inescapable light

If this world can’t give me what I need
Then I guess it’s time for me to leave

No better sense
Than to let go of my judgement
No better defense
My spirit is too hopeful to protect
Falling through
An ever-present danger to expect
Ease the doubt
Shake my shoulders with your words effect

If this world can’t give me what I need
Then I guess it’s time for me to leave
I will row and tie a boulder to my feet
Make my home at the bottom of the sea
Track Name: Low Season
They found me with my head on my chest
In too deep of a rest
He never made good on a dream
He rather sleep it seems

Back down in a low season
I don’t think I like where I am going

They found me in a grave made of stitches
Feet still wet from wading ditches
He overslept in this town
An awkward wheel that rattles around

They found me with a list in my hand
Of all I’d do when given the chance
He waited for what the world would bring
But the world never owed him a thing
Track Name: Desperate Man
Desperate man
Fixes hope, forgets his plans
Loneliness is a rutted path
He sinks his feet into the weedy grass

Man succumb
Given in to the bribe of love
The choice was never his to make
His spirit bends until it breaks

Weary man
Runs his eyes into his hands
If life was nothing but defeat
What sweet freedom the end brings

Desperate man
Forgets hope and forgets plans
Loneliness his abandoned path
His body sinks into the grass
Track Name: Sand On The Fire
To catch your toes on silver
To stumble over gold
To never fear another day
‘Til death carries your ghost

To see the painter’s toil
On a canvas of pale skin
To wander the perimeter
Smiling over every inch

I never learned to think is not to do
To dream is not to follow through
With this stifled spirit barely keeping me alive
Sand on the fire long before I die

To see your own reflection
In the water passing by
To see that aging dreamer
Once with hope in rich supply

To clutch a branch of splinters
Once straddled in your youth
‘Til the wind tugs at your stem
No longer bothered by the truth