land / sea

by Moor Hound & Will Farina

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Moor Hound songs self-recorded at home in Orlando, FL.

Will Farina songs self-recorded within bedrooms and landscapes between Tampa and Melbourne.


released February 26, 2010

land: Moor Hound is Steve + Zach

sea: samples and songs recorded May-Dec 2009. Thank you to Michael Cacciatore for storytelling. Thanks also to Billy Reilova, Mike Reilly, Dolores Presutto, Allen Williams, Erik Myxter, Jeff Sheridan, pineapple park, Melbourne, South Spessard Holland, islands, and weather systems.

album artwork by Steve Marino and Will Farina


all rights reserved



Moor Hound Bloomington, Indiana

Midwest folk/rock

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Track Name: To Toil Or Be Free
Down below the seasons, hills and snow
The place that I call home
Up above the sunshine, sand and mosquito bugs
The places I dream of

Here today, pulled a hundred different ways
Monetary need rules our days
But what a sad thing it would be
To submit our lives to toiling
Instead of following a dream

This land, it beckons to be seen
And I am free to answer its plea
The only hand keeping my stationary
It is my own

The world, it beckons to be seen
And we are free to answer its plea
The only hand keeping us stationary
It is our own
Track Name: Before and Between
The breeze is at my back
Rising and falling with the rolling green
My mind is as light as the air through the grass
Silent before this wondrous scene

Before and between us
What a wonderful thing happening
Before and between us
Life is a day spent here in your company

In this place there is no strife or bitterness
Only the sound of the wind in our ears
Why pray for heaven
When we have it right here?
Track Name: Bolton Valley
Driving four miles up the mountain
To your house in the valley
Vermont in the summertime
When the mountains are green

Before the dark came we walked down to the river
I took some pictures and we drank the water there
When we took the highway, mountain splendor held our gaze
Over hills, staring out of the window
Track Name: Oh Splendor
Oh great country, shore to shore
From the greatest heights, to the forest floor
I have only images in my mind
And a flame that is burning inside

Oh splendor, in time I will see you
Where the meadow and the mountain meet the blue
Hands free with the truth we've always been free
To do the things we love
Shed the shackles of conventional thinking

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-Mark Twain
Track Name: Will Farina - a winedark sea
oh she speaks to me
through a phonograph sunken 1943
when I try to reach her bell
the air in my lungs isn’t nearly enough
and I hardly make it past the salt and shells
Track Name: Will Farina - sandflats
sky between two
miles to see through
bend apart the edge of you
change the curves of gray to blue
Track Name: Will Farina - foampool
the same old hum is floating through
the tides between my ears
to spend your time collecting
second-hand souvenirs
Track Name: Will Farina - human shells
the girl in the curtain is silently twirling
in the audible fields of the boy overseas
sideways glances are wasted chances
she’ll balance the world upon her knees
he’s just like the great romantics
sea semantics are all he writes
she gives her past to photographs and
wonders why the days aren’t still so bright
why aren’t the days so bright
when they sing the words they bring
thoughts through their backs no one’s seen
his heart tired, her lungs on fire
nothing lights up in between those skies
why aren’t the days so bright
Track Name: Will Farina - crosstrees
raise your eyes and be inanimately free
oh to be
Track Name: Will Farina - moondrawn in her wake
golden lights above the street
when will they sleep
rooftop failures, seaside dreams
when will they meet
moonlight showers on shady streets
wash over me
broken voices, cloudy skies
where are your eyes
long lost stories
short lived nights to be alive

no one feels fine hanging from telephones
passing down borrowed homes
skipping over epigraphs
cutting their coins in half
giving four sixth a word
leaving the rest unheard
Track Name: Will Farina - wavespeech
I look up through a frozen sky
red in my heart, blue in my eyes
icy serpents, magnetic currents
I missed the moon for five months
running away on the first day of june
the mountains are gone, the sky will be soon
he’s an optical believer
symmetrical dreamer
I missed the sea only once
and I’ll never have to know
if shades beneath the snow
are singing my friends to sleep
darker than light
hum to recite the echoes from the deep
formal dress and no
flight brings him down, keep an ear to the ground
the choir swims past without oxygen masks
and there’s no sign of laying on glass
no one ever finds the time on the lines