Love In My Jaws

by Moor Hound

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All songs written by Steven Marino.

© 2010 Moor Hound


released November 2, 2010


Recording took place at home and at Grim Face Studios by Anthony Price in Venice, FL.

Zachary Anderson - Drums

Cindy Blackburn - Voice

Katie Yaklin - Cover Photo

All songs mastered by Anthony Price except for "Virginia" and "You Never Knew A Noble Heart In Me." Those were mastered by Chad Wahlbrink.


Chad Wahlbrink

Katie Yaklin Photography



all rights reserved



Moor Hound Bloomington, Indiana

Midwest folk/rock

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Track Name: Better
When you ask me
What I did with my day
Or how it was
It makes the day better
It always makes it better
When you talk to me
With no initiation on my end
It makes me feel better
It always makes me feel better

What have I done
To earn your thoughts?
What have I done
To earn the air in your lungs?

Do you think of me
As often as I think of you?
It's easy for me
Is it easy for you too?
Track Name: Virginia
Virginia has a dog named Walter
Four states away
Six years in the future

What can I do
But think of you?
And every soul that gave me time
And thought of me too

Virginia sing a song for me
When you get the courage
To come down from that tree

What can I do
But sing to you?
And every soul that sang to me too
Track Name: Words And Mind
Your words and your mind
Are as pretty as the outside of you
Your cheekbone hills hold up a valley
That is filled with sunshine

You floss your teeth
And paint your hair with red
You'd be the lovely person you are
Even without that book by your bed

I know you'd never give yourself the credit
Track Name: Such A Weight
I am fickle just as sure as I am jealous
I am angry over what will never be
When you speak, I take it for fighting chances
Maybe it's best if you just don't speak to me

I need rest
Not from the work I have done
I need rest
From desiring what cannot be won

If nature did not require a companion
To light the fire inside
Such a weight would be lifted
I could treat you as a friend and not a bride
Track Name: Carried Away
I'll throw away your trust
To court another out of lust
What you see is just a shield
The man inside will be revealed

Your power inebriates the mind
Makes a tired man's eyes blind
Just cut a hole in my brain
Let desire be carried away

How cruel, how generous
This void inside of us
Some are filled, some minds roam still
Scream into your pillow
I don't need much
I'm just curious
Track Name: Love In My Jaws
Head on my paws
Love in my jaws
Waiting for my master to return
Up off the floor
Scratching at the door
When those locks finally turn

I'm not as handsome a dog
My bark's not as strong
As the others that you know and see
But what a feeling
How my heart sings
At the thought that you think of me
Track Name: Sleeping In
Lying on your back
With your eyes closed
An image of a child
With a clean slate

Sleeping in innocence
You have done no wrong

You stir in your bed
Only trying to find comfort
Lose control of your body
Lose control of your mind
Track Name: Forbidden
You are forbidden
But no snake need tempt me
Such a prize, unattainable
I cross my arms to truth
Like a child
Track Name: No Reason
I have shelter, I am free
Water from walls and bread to eat
An engine to take me home
Or anywhere I want to roam

Love from my friends and family
More than I could ever show
Why do I spend my life complaining?
There's no reason to be low
Track Name: Through A Fence
With a fumbling tongue
I will ask you
To be the light
That makes my world shine

Through a fence I will speak
And you will struggle to hear me
And see me the way
I see you

What a joy for my eyes
You're in my line of site

It's easy to call you beautiful
But what a different story it is
To call you mine
Track Name: You Never Knew A Noble Heart In Me
The white washed fence
Has been stripped bare
You never knew a noble heart in me

The wool has been shaken off
Revealing claws
You never knew a noble heart in me
Track Name: All Our Efforts
The world from which we came
Will be gone one day
And with it all the memories
And the works of man
All our efforts spent
On spinning rock and water
Suspended in another's night sky

Our capacity exceeds the rest
We can do more than just exist
Breathe in on a mountain top
Stare into your night sky and wonder